Friday, February 19, 2010

Football (very un-American)

Well here it is, my virgin blog entry, the first of a series about the genesis of my enjoyment of certain sports. I go by the name Mellz and I'm a sports fanatic. I don't just love the typical major American sports like most people, you know basketball, baseball, and football. My love is spread across a variety of sports, but I think it'll serve me right to begin with the world's most popular one.

It all started during the 1994 World Cup watching Romario and Bebeto (Brazil) celebrate goals by pretending to rock a baby. More than half of a decade went by until I got my own place and illegal satellite feed before I was really able to reach my calling as a couch potato and follow the sport at the highest level (MLS just wasn't cutting it for me). You can easily see the difference in quality between the big sides of Europe such as AC Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. For some reason the team from Barcelona became my favorite. Could it be that the aforementioned Romario once played for them or was it memories of the Dream Team('92 USA Olympic Basketball) playing there or just maybe it was this guy Ronaldhino that I saw in a Nike commercial . From this point, I guess I became hooked on Soccer err, I mean Football, the kind being played in Europe specifically. Since becoming a fan Barca has won two Champions League (The largest club tournament), and three Spanish League titles.

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