Sunday, January 24, 2016

Devin Fuller Q&A

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lewis
Photo courtesy of Jeff Lewis
Pro Player Insiders we caught up with wide receiver Devin Fuller at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl from nearby UCLA. Fuller’s mom is one of the most prominent backup singers in the music industry; she’s toured with Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and other legends. Read on to find out a little more about Devin Fuller.

What were your expectations coming into this week?

I just wanted to showcase my talent. I think that’s everyone is out here for. And to improve on my skills.

What skills are you looking to improve on, specifically?

Just route running. Learning from the NFL coaches on just separating. The NFL trait you need to have [at wide receiver] is creating separation.

You were catching punts in practice. Is that something you’re looking forward to doing on the next level, too?

Oh yes sir. Because the people here tell us we might not be first or second round draft picks — although we might be at the end of the day. Coming into a camp, that’s what I’m going to do to make a team and hopefully stay there.

It takes a lot of heart to be a punt returner, right?

Yes. You have to have that to play football anyway.

What type of conversations have you had with your position coach?

Just ways of getting better, and he’s been helping me with that.

What are some life lessons you’ve learned while attending UCLA?

Nothing comes easy. I started as a quarterback and moved to receiver. I had to work my way up the depth chart. In high school, I was with a lot of great athletes but feel like I was one of the best. But going to UCLA, there are a bunch of great athletes. That’s one of the key things besides getting a great education. The number one thing for me was to get a great education while playing at a great football school.

Compare California to New Jersey life.

It’s a lot different. There aren’t that many seasons out here. I kind of miss the seasons a little bit but I can get used to 75 degrees every day.

What has been the best part of college life for you?

Just meeting new people. I’ve met some of my best friends out here. And playing with some of the best guys in college.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your life?

My mom and dad because they have always backed me 100%. They have faith in me in anything I do. They’ve shown me the right way to do things.

Have you ever met Bruce Springsteen?

Yes, I’ve met him before backstage about three or four years ago. He’s a great guy. A high energy guy. For how old he is, you’d never expect him to perform like he does at his concerts.

What event has had the most impact on you so far?

Me committing to UCLA. Life changed. I was going to become a Bruin, further my education and start a new chapter.

What do you dislike the most out of society right now?

A lot of hate. Hating on the next man. You just have to love one another. I feel like that’s one thing that we’re missing. Everybody has to love each other for us to all succeed. The world is not made for us to hate on each other because we’re all going to need one another some day.

What is your biggest goal outside of football?

To help the next man. To be in broadcasting after football is done, with my UCLA degree.But I just want to help people in need. I feel like that’s the biggest thing.

What lasting impression do you want to leave on this world?

I was here for a purpose and to help other people become better for themselves, while making me a better person for myself.

If there was just one reason a team decide to draft you, just one, what would it be?

The relentlessness, commitment, and the willingness to get better every day. I’m a pretty good receiver right now but I feel the sky is the limit for me. I haven’t even reached my ceiling yet. I would say that to them and let them know there really isn’t a ceiling for me.

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