Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 NBA All-Star Reserves

The 2017 NBA All-Star Reserves will be announced tonight, January 26, on TNT. The coaches choice trump what anyone else thinks in this regard but let me get these predictions off real quick, anyway. The criteria is two guards and three front court players are required, plus two regardless of the position. 

West Reserves

  • Guard 1: Russell Westbrook - He should have been a starter. Nuff said.
  • Guard 2: Dame Lillard - This should be CP3 but since can't play makes no sense to choose him. Dame barely gets the nod over his own teammate CJ  McCollum on the strength that he's the man on that team. CJ will get his soon enough.
  • Front court 1: Draymond Green - Make no mistake about it, he's the one who makes it pop for the Dubs.
  • Front court 2: Gordon Hayward - If you don't know why he's here, then you haven't been following the association much this year.
  • Front court 3: Demarcus Cousins - Arguably the best center in the association.
  • Wildcard 1: Marc Gasol - He continues to do above average things between the lines in Memphis.
  • Wildcard 2: Klay Thompson - To the victors go the spoils. It's always been this way although guys like CJ and Karl Anthony Towns are more deserving and will get snubbed.

East Reserves

  • Guard 1: John Wall - In my opinion, he's the most complete point guard there is right now.
  • Guard 2: Isaiah Thomas - He's getting buckets at will right now.
  • Front court 1: Paul George - You don't really hear much about him but he's still one of the best two-way players around.
  • Front court 2: Kevin Love - Funny how winning a championship can make a player relax and be himself.
  • Front court 3: Joel Embiid - He's really feeling himself, as he should because he's balling. The only thing holding him back from greatness is a minutes restriction.
  • Wildcard 1: Kyle Lowry - He gets buckets when they matter most. One of the most underrated players, today.
  • Wildcard 2: Kemba Walker - His team is in playoff position at the moment because of his scoring. I flip flopped between placing Carmelo Anthony here. Paul Millsap might be chosen but he doesn't fit the bill to me.

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