Tuesday, September 24, 2013

See, What Had Happened Was... brain dump 9/24/13

Leakage is what this post is all about.  I need to unload some things that I have on my mind regarding the NFL, plug a few websites, and for fantasy football stuff scroll down to the bottom.

I told anyone who felt like listening to my nonsense prior to the season that the Kansas City Chiefs were a team to look out for and you'll find them in the playoffs this season.  If you didn't believe me, they were on display in prime time last Thursday night and shut down the exciting Eagles offense. They're now 3-0, which really means nothing except for proof that they're really good but they play in a very good AFC.  The Patriots line up every week with practice squad players but still haven't lost.  Miami is also undefeated with minor contributions from the two players most expected big things from in Mike Wallace and Lamar Miller.

The AFC has better teams than the NFC this season.  I've already mentioned three that are undefeated.   Rex Ryan and the NY Jets defense ain't out here playing with nobody's kids, that's what he does and Geno Smith is improving by the week.  The 49'ers switched uniforms with the Colts and the team wearing the white and blue milk man clothes smashed on the guys in the San Francisco jersey.  Aaron Rodgers and the cool kids were just having fun in Lambeau Field when the Cincinnati Bengals, out of no where, punched them in the mouth and took their cheese.  The defending champs in Baltimore haven't given up an offensive touchdown since getting destroyed by the Broncos on opening night.

Speaking of the Broncos... good luck trying to stop them from scoring.  I can't thing of any defense that can cover all over their pass catchers; Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas.  Those guys are quality players and are especially Dangerous when the best quarterback in the league is throwing to them.  If you try to flood the secondary with defensive backs, Manning will audible to a run and hand it to any of the three horses that are in at the time.  Denver, also equipped with the league's top run defense is the AFC's cream of the crop.  The only team I can think to stop them plays in the other conference in Seattle.

The Seahawks did what they usually do, send out their defense and choked out the opponent, this time putting the game away early enough to run out their B team for 2nd half reps.  The Chicago Bears remain undefeated but for the third straight week played a sketchy game.  I have to give props to Jay Cutler for once again making a big play in the 4th quarter when his team needs it.  Dallas is looking good too, by the way.

I'm ready to make my Super prediction.  If you know how to read and is not an idiot, you know who I think will represent the AFC.  Rising out of the NFC will be the New Orleans Saints.  Most everybody knows that Drew Brees can sling it better than most and Jimmy Graham is a monster mismatch to go with other pieces on offense.  However, the reason I'm picking the Saints is because of their elite defense.  That's not a typo, Rex's twin brother Rob Ryan knows a thing or two about defense also.  He has this unit playing at an extremely high level.  There is somebody that can articulate this thought better than me though.  The only weakness the Saints have is the inability to get their run game going.

I want to introduce you to "The Pick and Roll", which is an Australian-based hoops website that promises to bring a fresh perspective to basketball media.  One of their founders, Terry Goldfain has taken a liking to my work in regards to the NBA and asked me do some things with them.  They launch the site on September 25th, so be sure to check them out.  I primarily like to write about basketball stuff, you'll see more of it as the season approaches, keep coming back here as I Spits Game about my Kentucky Wildcats.  Listen to this NBA podcast I recorded with Rey Moralde for thenolookpass.com.  I'm on a weekly panel for NFL power rankings, check out "The Strength Of Ten" with the crew from The OpinioNation.

Fantasy Football 101... check the archives for my Paper Pigskin stuff, there's info that can be useful for you if your team is struggling.  If you're in a good situation, locate the desperate David Wilson, Chris Johnson, or CJ Spiller owner and try to make a deal for them.  As far as pickups, if you didn't listen to me when I said Josh Gordon would be a WR1 when he returns from his marijuana suspension, you might be lucky enough to play in a rooty poot league where he's available on the waiver wire.  I doubt it though so in that case, hope for Santonio Holmes.  Nate Burleson broke his arm in a car accident because pizza fell off of his lap, so I advise you to claim Ryan Broyles if his available.  My top priority this week is to add Brandon Bolden on all of my teams.  Oh, if Leveon Bell is somehow available, he might return this week.

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