Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NFL Brain dump: Week 5

It's been said that NFL teams that have opened the season with two losses over the past five years haven't made the playoffs.  This week, I'll track the eight teams that this applies to this season as well as some other musings.

1) The 0-4 New York football Giants still have a good chance to make the playoffs because they play in what is currently the worst division in the NFL.  2) The Washington Redskins & Philadelphia Eagles are both 1-3. The division leading Dallas Cowboys are 2-2 and play the red hot Broncos this week while the Giants host the Eagles.  I'm assuming Dallas will lose, giving the G-Men a chance to gain ground this week. The Skins lucked up on a win over Oakland last week are on a bye.  3) The Minnesota Vikings were fortunate enough to have Christian Ponder sidelined and looked like a real football team while defeating 4) the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Hopefully for Vikings fans, coach Frazier doesn't reinstate Ponder after their bye week because Cassel gives them the best opportunity to win games; he better make the right choice because his job depends on it.  The Steelers, who remain winless, showed better offensive balance with Leveon Bell toting the rock; luckily for them, the other teams in the AFC North are only 2 games ahead.  One of those other teams 5) the Cleveland Browns have turned their season around by winning two straight since WR Hash Gordon came back from suspension.  6) The Carolina Panthers (1-2)  didn't deserve to have the start they did, they have one of the better defenses and run games in the league. 7) The Jacksonville Jaguars don't look like they'll win a game this season and they just traded away their best offensive lineman. 8) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a team in complete turmoil  right now.  The players don't like the coach and the organization have been slandering Josh Freeman.  I give them credit, if their not winning, at least give the people something to talk about to remain relevant.

The Green Bay Packers play a must win game this week versus the Detroit Lions.  The Lions are on top of the NFC North and if they leave Wisconsin with a win, they'll be 3 games ahead of the Packers in the win column.  I hope for the Packers sake that their secondary was working on back pedaling and V-cut drills, and their O-linemen put in extra work on the sleds during the bye week because the Detroit D-line are some beasts and their passing game is explosive. The Chicago Bears get a chance to redeem themselves after catching their first L to Detroit last week.  This week they face an equally if not more explosive offensive team in the New Orleans Saints, but Rob Ryan's defense is better than the one they just faced.  Jay Cutler better be on point.

The Seattle Seahawks get another marquee matchup against another AFC South team on the road.  The Indianapolis Colts will try to prove they're a legit contender with a win over the Seahawks.  To do so, they'll have to play the full 60 minutes because Seattle will.  The San Francisco 49ers host the Houston Texans in another inter-conference matchup.  These teams are mirror images of each other; both offenses run heavy and both defenses punch you in the mouth.  Other good games to look forward to are Patriots @ Bengals, Chiefs @ Titans, and Monday Night Football featuring Jets @ Falcons.

Hope you enjoyed.

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