Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

My friends over at the The OpinioNation blog releases a weekly "The Strength Of Ten" article which is basically a top 10 version of NFL power rankings. I'm on the panel that comes up with the list, I figured I should share my personal choices that factor into it.  Check there rankings and see how it compares to mine.

1. Denver- Played down to the level of their opponent. Their secondary can be beat. Will Von Miller's return help cover that up?

2. Kansas City- There's really nothing exciting about this brand of football. They're executing a game plan to perfection on both sides of the ball though.

3. New England- What a treat their last win was, a huge one over an elite opponent.

4. New Orleans- Can't knock them too much. It was surprising that Rob Ryan stopped bringing the heat and let Brady pick his defense apart on the winning drive.

5. Seattle- Seem to find always find ways to close out the show.

6. Cincinnati- Unimpressed, but a tough win on the road versus a team that plays hard.

7. San Francisco- Looks like they've figured things out.

8. Green Bay- This team's depth will be tested by injuries to key players.

9. Indianapolis- The conservative game plan finally worked against them. The pass rush will have to be much better with Peyton returning to the place he pretty much built.

10. Detroit- Put up points in a big road win against a hot team.

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