Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

My friends over at the The OpinioNation blog releases a weekly "The Strength Of Ten" article which is basically a top 10 version of NFL power rankings. I'm on the panel that comes up with the list, I figured I should share my personal choices that factor into it.  Check there rankings and see how it compares to mine.

1.  Kansas City-  It's about that time when all perceptions get disregarded.  Results are what matters the most.

2.  Denver-  The issues on defense needs to be corrected. 

3.  New Orleans-   I hope they spent their bye week working on their four-minute offense.

4.  Seattle-  Russell Wilson continues to impress me.  He'll only get better with Percy Harvin working with him.

5.  Indianapolis- An argument can be made that they're the best team in the league.  It seems they've overlooked their lesser opponents while beating the big boys at their own game.

6.  Cincinnati- Finding themselves in a lot of tough games and coming out on top.

7.  San Francisco- Have strung together dominant wins as of late.

8.  New England- Injuries on defense have finally caught up to them; Jets had twice as much possession.

9.  Green Bay- The organization has done a great job developing players. Jarrett Boykin stepped in at wide receiver like he belongs.

10. Carolina- If not for giving away their first two games in final moments. . . passing game needs a little help.

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