Friday, January 16, 2015

Duke Left Tackle Takoby Cofield Q&A

Takoby Coefield     

Pro Player Insiders caught up with Takoby Cofield, a 6-4, 305-pound native of Tarboro, North Carolina as he prepared for the 2015 NFLPA Bowl. Cofield was a three-year starter at Left Tackle for Duke University and 3rd team All ACC honors in 2014. Find out more about Takoby Cofield.

Goals outside of football:

I want to continue my education and get certified to teach high school history. And once I’m done playing football, coach high school football. . . I love children. I had a whole lot of great high school coaches, people that came along the way around high school to help me to where I’ve gotten right now.  I just feel like I can do that for other kids based on the experiences I’ve been through.

On playing in NFLPA bowl:

It was a great opportunity that was presented to me. I felt like there would be a lot of great talent here. The people that are organizing the bowl, the NFLPA, obviously do a great job with personnel and different people around the league. They’re always advocating for their players. It’s a wonderful opportunity.

What’s on his bucket list:

I’ll probably say traveling the world. I haven’t been to lot of places. This is my first time in California. I just want to get out and see different places. I heard that Dubai is a very nice place with wonderful hotels, I wouldn’t mind paying them a visit… that would be on the top of my list.


Food – Anything Italian. I can cook.

Color – Blue

Music to get hyped up for the game  

I started off with gospel, something that is inspirational. As we get closer to the game, then rap. I listen to R&B and Neo-soul to relax me.

Skills that he’s working on improving to be better on the next level:

My consistency with my hand placement as far as hitting my land marks all the time, pad level, and my overall strength.

Life lessons learned while attending college:

Be accountable for everything you do. Every decision you make always has a consequence, and realize that consequence can effect somebody so be respectful of that person that it could effect.

Favorite part of college:

The camaraderie of my locker room, the administrators, the coaches, and everyone else that was a part of that institution.

 Favorite Movie 

I gotta go with Friday. (I made him re-enact a scene) **In Craig’s dad’s voice**  “When I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. . . eating up all the pig’s feet, all the collard greens. I like pig’s feet.” [laughter ensues] That’s my favorite line!

Favorite active player  

Duane Brown from the Houston Texans because we have similar measurables . . . He’s a dominant player and has been one for a long time. That’s who I pattern myself after.

Player all-time  

Ray Lewis because of his intensity and love for the game, he’s always bringing the passion, no matter what.

What he dislikes most out of society:

Everybody has to fit into a box. Everybody has to fit into a category. That nobody can just be their own person and be their own way. People are afraid to go off and do things that aren’t necessarily the norm, or aren’t necessarily accepted by everyone else. I always tell people to not be afraid of being different.

Lasting impression:

That every person that came across me, I would have had an impact on their life positively.

Note: I’ll say this much, this conversation with Takoby certainly impacted me in a positive way. He was very respectful towards me and his answers seemed very honest.

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