Saturday, January 17, 2015

Syracuse RB Prince-Tyson Gulley Q&A

The 2015 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl took place Saturday at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California.  After the American team practice earlier in the week, Pro Player Insiders caught up with Prince-Tyson Gulley. Gulley is a 5’9 running back from Syracuse University who ran for 1,063 yards in last two years, but his talents include being a dynamic kick returner on special teams. Lets find out some more about Prince-Tyson Gulley.

Prince-Tyson GULLEY 350

Goals outside of playing football:

Whenever I’m done playing, I want to be a coach, whether high school or college. I love the game. I’ve been playing for a long time. After I’m done playing, I wanna give the knowledge that I’ve gained to the generation after me.

Favorite Food:

I’d have to say pizza. Everybody likes pizza. I love pizza.

Music that gets him ready for the game:

I listen to Young Jeezy. Favorite song by him is “Who Dat?”

Favorite place to visit:

I’d love to go back to New Orleans. When I went there, it was a good time.

On playing in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl:

I feel like I need to get myself some more exposure. I don’t feel that I was able to show what I can actually do during my career at Syracuse. I believe this is the perfect place for me to showcase myself and play around some players of the highest D-1 talent and get my name out there.

The amount of time it took to grow his dreadlocks:

Five years.

Skills that he’s working on improving to be better on the next level:

I feel that I already have the skills capable. One thing I just need to work on is narrow the focus in everything I do and I’ll be able to succeed.

Top priority to be more attractive at the NFL Combine:

Show them that I can do everything. My coaches told me that it is “block, catch, run” in that order. So I have to show them that I can block first, catch after that, and then run the ball as well. That would make me more viable.

Favorite part of college:

Just the network. Syracuse is a great school. There is a lot of good people there. I met some people that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to if I didn’t go. There’s a lot of good people at Syracuse.

Life lessons learned while attending college:

I went through a lot of stuff when I was there. I’ve been stabbed six times. I’ve broken my collarbone doing some foolish things. Syracuse is definitely where I’ve grown up at. So I’ve learned many things.

Take away from being stabbed:

You can’t take life for granted. I had some life threatening wounds. Umm, you just can’t take anything for granted. You have to live . . . every day.

Favorite active NFL player:

Right now? It’s funny because he just came out, I’m actually watching Devonta Freeman right now. I like him.

Favorite Movie:

Dead Presidents

TV Show:

It’s a new show that came out on Netflix called Marco Polo, it’s about the early Chinese. I like stuff like that.

Favorite Player of all time:

Barry Sanders. He’s someone I try to mirror myself after as far as running style. It’s not easy but I try hard. He was so shifty.

What he dislikes most out of society:

I’m not a trendy person. I feel like my values are more self-righteous. It’s all mental with me, so I don’t really care about certain things that everyone else does. A lot of stuff doesn’t really matter to me.

Lasting impression:

I want to be remembered as somebody that persevered. Everyone has a story. I have a story. It was a setback but I never made that an excuse for why I should stop. I’ve always made that the reason that I should keep going. Some people just do the opposite.

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