Thursday, November 14, 2013

NFL Brain Dump- Midseason Musings

Is there anything newsworthy from the past couple weeks to discuss? I have had so much to say about the Incognito situation that I thought it was best to stay out of harms way and don't say anything. However, I can't just say nothing even though I learned that's the path to take if it's not anything nice. That's the conclusion I've come to on this situation.  Maybe if Incognito didn't have the reputation of a jerk, he would have probably been given a pass.  Because after all, America loves to give people who are contrite a second chance and even third chances unless you happen to run a dog fi. . . nevermind, see I have too much to say.

I'm really upset about the whole situation because it took the institution of team sports and placed it under a microscope. Now everything that goes on in a locker room or what players do to build team camaraderie is coming under fire by squares who can't relate; even worse, we have former athletes who are choosing this topic to make themselves look good, as if they've never partaken in such activities. The prime example of this is Warren Sapp; former teammates have spoken out saying he used to be a bully. I wonder what's the year of the Glasshouse Warren Sapp's driving.

Moving right along, I wrote a few weeks ago about Aaron Rodgers not using injuries on his team as an excuse to fail. Well, I feel the need to extend an apology to Mr. Rodgers because I might have jinxed him. The Packers' playoff hopes are now on life support with Rodgers having to miss games with a fractured clavicle.

Aaron Rodgers was on top of my MVP chart until he went down.  This is how I view the awards now:


Peyton Manning - With record breaking passing stats, he should be a lock to win if they can finish with the top seed in the AFC.
Drew Brees - Always throwing up big numbers. Even better when team is winning.
Russell Wilson - Some special about him. Ask any defensive lineman that whose grasp he's slipped.
Jamaal Charles - The only offense on a top team.
A.J. Green - The best wide receiver that nobody talks about.

Defensive Player

Richard Sherman - He's such a ball Seahawk. Locks down wide receivers so they can't be thrown to, wins gambles when thrown at, and baits quarterbacks so he can take it for 6.
Ndamukong Suh - Defenders value show up more on film than on stat sheets
Justin Houston - Key figure behind the best defense in the NFL
J.J. Watt - Run stopper and pass rushing extraordinaire.
Vontaze Burfict - The league's leading tackler


Kiko Alonso - He and MarioWilliams are the reason Buffalo isn't a cakewalk. Most people have never heard of Kiko. I'm putting you on game.
Eddie Lacy - Didn't play well out the gate but now he's beasting.
Star Lotulelei - Part of the reason Carolina has the best front seven in all of football.
Tyrann Mathieu - He makes plays. Offenses rather throw towards Peterson. That says a lot.
Keenan Allen - The main reason for Philip Rivers' bounce back statistical season.


Andy Reid - Raise your hand if you expected Kansas City to have these results. You can't see my hand up. 13 wins will make this an obvious choice.
Pete Carroll - I feel like he doesn't get the praise for what he's built in Seattle.
Ron Rivera - Climbing up this chart as team racks up the wins.
Sean Payton - Just look at who the Saints were without him.
Bill Belichick - No list is legit without him on it.

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