Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

1.  Seattle  The league’s most consistent team up until this point. We’ll see what they’re made of this upcoming week against a team that has an explosive offense as well as good D.

2.  New Orleans  Extremely shaky win at Atlanta, now Drew Brees faces the best secondary in the league.  They’ve had trouble stopping the run all season long. Seattle will give them a heavy dose.

3.  New England  The hard part of their schedule is now out of the way.  Look for them to run the rest of the regular season table. Road to the Super Bowl might have to pass through Foxboro.
4.  Carolina  Faced adversity versus an inferior team and persevered. This makes 2 weeks in a row that Cam led game winning drives.

5.  Denver  Aerial attack got grounded by supreme game planner. Injuries are starting to mount. They don’t seem quite as invincible as before.

6.  Kansas City  They’re going to back their way into the playoffs. The key for them will be making sure their defense is healthy. We know they can open up their offense now.

7.  Cincinnati  Everything rides on the play of Andy Dalton. They have a tough schedule to finish the season. Luckily for them, they have a comfy lead in their division.

8.  Arizona  Be very afraid of this defense.  All of the NFC should be on notice. Bruce Arians found a way to make the offense work with that sketchy offensive line.

9.  Indianapolis  A playoff spot is likely but they need to make offensive adjustments . . . fast!  They just haven’t been the same since Wayne went down.

10. San Francisco  I give it up to the 49’ers, they really know how to stick it to the losing teams. They’re going to have to earn a playoff spot.

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