Thursday, November 7, 2013

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

A few teams caught some unexpected losses last week but much of the top 10 remains the same. The Colts continue to impress while Seattle and Kansas City are barely escaping.

1.  Kansas City- They get a well deserved week off before a showdown with Denver. They'd be wise to figure out O-line protection so that Alex Smith can exploit a shaky Bronco secondary.

2.  Denver- Let’s see if they’ve fixed the defensive woes during the bye week.  The Chargers will surely test them.

3.  Indianapolis- Andrew Luck just has IT!!!  Even seems he's found a new weapon in TY Hilton.

4.  Seattle- They better make sure they have home field for playoffs.  The legion of boom is still making big plays when necessary though.

5.  San Francisco- After getting fat off weaklings, Carolina comes to visit.  I love how they've went back to the basics on this winning streak.

6.  New England- This team doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them.  They have only one goal, which is to bring another Lombardi to Foxboro.

7.  New Orleans- If you can’t run the ball or stop the run, you have some problems. They need to figure this out before meeting Seattle.

8.  Carolina- Not a flashy team, thus nobody is paying attention to what’s going on. Winners of 4 straight and we'll get a chance to see what they're made of versus the 49ers.

9.  Cincinnati- Just when you thought they were making strides, they take Halloween seriously and play a football game in clown outfits.

10. Chicago- Shook up their division by knocking A-Rod out of commission for a few games.  McCown played well in Cutler's absence. Now he's back.

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